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More Terrific iPad and iPhone Apps

I'm back with another meaty list of the "best of the best" iPhone and iPad apps. Truly, the best thing about the Apple devices, besides the amazing touch screen technology, are the apps. Here are more jewels I've discovered.
1. DropBox
This amazing little app works like a file server for your i-device. You install the app on your iPad or iPhone and you also install it on your personal computer or Mac. Dropbox allows you to share files between the two devices. It's amazing and I love it! Dropbox has a good video showcasing their service. See the main Dropbox site here.
2. LockBox and Mini Keepass
Both of these apps are password managers. LockBox is very basic and well organized but you must manually enter in all your passwords. MiniKeepass is a mini version of the popular Keepass password software program. This app allows you to easily import your existing Keepass database from your desktop computer using DropBox. You can copy and paste your username and password into any other i-device application.
4. Pulse for iPhone
I have already mentioned the wonders of Pulse for iPad. I love Pulse, it's the best feed reader I've seen so far. With Pulse, you can view the text RSS feed or the actual web version of the site in a minibrowser. Pulse– unlike other feed readers– allows you to comment on blogs and news sites right from Pulse. And surfing the feeds is so much fun, too. This is a great app and a must-have for any i-device.

Terima kasih kerana membaca More Terrific iPad and iPhone Apps. Jika berguna, tolong kongsikan di media sosial.

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