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GAMBAR Exora hybrid (REEV) and Saga Electric Car

Just like what you have read yesterday, Proton hybrid project known as Exora hybrid (REEV) and another model "SAGA" which is  fully powered by electric are expected to be commercial use by 2013.
Currently, few units were delivered to the government for testing purposes. Development of these model are between Proton iand  UK-based Frazer-Nash Research. The awesome about EXORA REEV when its beat out many other reknowned makes to win in the Hybrid Category in the international Future Car Challenge last year.
The Exora REEV (range-extended electric vehicle) which an on-board generator to recharge the battery-driven engines and the Saga, which was purely battery driven.  The Saga will be most suited for city or town driving for an average of 70-80km a day. The Exora will be suited for those who travel outstation.
Talking about price, PROTON can't confirm a price range but Malaysians can be assured of competitive pricing.
The battery
The lithium-ion batteries used in both models will have a lifespan of 10 years and are manufactured by Gaia, a German company. "They are considered the best in the world at the moment, (the company) having developed the batteries from aviation and space technology since 50 years ago.
The battery price
The market price for the batteries was US$1,000 per kw. The Exora REEV has a 13.5kw battery and the Saga 16kw. They cost between RM40,000 and RM48,000. The cost of battery will be another issue that Proton need to handle carefully as the price is more expensive then the Prius/CT200h battery.
We hope, Proton will be able to produce good car which can provide excellent fuel efficiency and of course selling at a price that many Malaysian can afford to buy. Based on other car blogs, many are saying that the SAGA will be priced around 70k and he Exora REEV between 90k-100k.

Terima kasih kerana membaca GAMBAR Exora hybrid (REEV) and Saga Electric Car. Jika berguna, tolong kongsikan di media sosial.

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